Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sister's Choice Block

First, let me just say I HATE the new formatting and composing on Blogger now.  It will not let you add your pictures in order or where you want to put them.  I had to play just to get this writing posted where it is starting from, it was all the way to the right.  Hopefully they work it out.

This block is called Sister's Choice, I am not sure of the history of it or why is it called Sister's Choice.  But I am making this block into a pillow for someone very special to me and who I have known for many, many years and  hope she will enjoy it.  One thing I noticed today as I was finishing the top was, as I was sewing it, I notice I think alot about the person I am making the item for.  And I remember I do that for all of the items I make.  I think we all do that when we are making items for people we love or for someone in passing.  So I add a prayer that this item will bless or bring peace to them some how, when they see it or touch it.  May we all remember the love that the person has given us, who the item was made for.
My camera is playing funny with the color when I take pictures.  It is a great color of green and pink/peach in the block.

We have sun and blue skies here where I live in Northeast Ohio today.
And, yes there is snow on the ground, but I like that.  My husband said if we ever have to move, friends will have to send me cut out snowflakes, so I can hang them around the house.

Remember loved ones and pray their skies are blue and their sun warm,


Gabriela said... are on a roll......

Mekere said...

I totally new at blogging though, but what a mess to set it up

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

May God bless us all and our friendships...You are doing a great job! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

I found you through Gabriala

ParisMaddy said...

Love your block--very pretty fabric.

I grew up in Toledo. Are you near there?

Merry Christmas.

~ Madeline

anna said...
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