Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream Rocket Panel - update

Here is an update on the Dream Rocket Panel. I have done the outline on the bodies and added the heads, now I need to outline the heads, I believe I will do it with just black paint. Still thinking if I will paint the world in or leave the way it is. The next step is to just layer it, then quilt it, put the binding on and send it in.
And, by the way it has not stopped snowing here for the last four days, not a lot of snow at once, just non stop snow, so we have about a foot of the white stuff. It is great quilting weather if you can get a chance to work on your quilting. So, for the ones of you who have snow or bad weather, I hope you can work on your quilting or sewing or crafts. I know in my world it is my therapy, my quiet time.
Happy snow days and stitching,

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Ms. Ryterski said...

Rosemary you are SO lucky you have snow! Nothing here yet, but praying for a white Christmas :)