Friday, February 15, 2013

Wonders All Around Us!

We never know when we will find something or something will find us.
Yesterday, I kept hearing a bird that I thought was on the back porch, so I never went to go and look to see where or what bird it may have been.
This is what I found as I was going out the front door to go to the shop.
This hangs on the left going out our front door, this spring I will need to redo with new dry flowers.
Here is the little bird, I found as I was leaving.  It made sure I knew it was there, I did not check for eggs, what to make sure it stays and takes care of them if there are any.
Each year I get a Mourning Dove or some little bird that likes to make nest somewhere on my front porch, in whatever planter or basket may be there.  There is always a gift for me.

I am still working on Becca's T-shirt and should be putting the rows together today.  A friend brought me her sewing machine yesterday to work on, to see if I can fix it.  So she can get back to sewing.  All, this while working at the shop, here is a Link to our shop blog.


Happy Threads and Needles,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grow Your Blog - Winner is......

First, Thank You to all who came and visited my blog through Grow Your Blog.  And a extra Thank You to the ones who are now following my blog, love new friends from blog land.
Well, here is the winner of the Ladybug pincushion - Evalina Zamana from Canada
As soon as it gets done, Evalina it will be on its way.  Thank You for your understanding.

I find this blog not too long ago,

Some of you may already know about and visit, I find it intriguing. 
Just to do this type of work without thinking about it of having a pattern.
I'm still working on my t-shirt quilt, hope the rows will go together here soon and then get it quilted.

A Day Without Needle In Hand is like not breathing,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am Behind!

So, sorry I am behind with the groups I work with and the shop.
I will get the winner of the blog hop, soon.

Life is busy,