Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Dream Rocket panel

Here are the next parts to my panel for the Dream Rocket. Do you want more info on the Dream Rocket then please go to and find out more. Check out the shirts on the kids, right now they are missing heads, lol. I'll put them on next, but with no faces. Next pictures will show more sewing details, and hopefully the finished panel. Have to come back tomorrow to see what will show up next.
Live with Purpose


Gabriela said...

It looks very nice!

Gabriela said...

How did you do the white outline of the world?

RoseMary said...

The earths outline is an iron on.
This is why I don't throw things out, I may need it one day and I did, in this panel.

Thank You

Vivian Helena said...

love your Dream Rocket panel, looks like it was fun ! hugs,

Diane said...

What a wonderful idea. I must get back to quilting. I like to do it and you gave me a good idea.