Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anna and the Pink and Lime Green T-Shirt Quilt

I am helping girl that I meet through "Time Bank" work on a t-shirt quilt of her college days. She had saved all of her t-shirts in hopes of one day making a quilt out of them, she did not know how and had given up hope of finding someone to show her how to make her dream come true. I had found out about "Time Bank" from a flier and gave it a shot. I found Anna (36) there asking for help. If you have never heard of "Time Bank" you can google it and find one in your town maybe.
We have the first row put together, but it is slow going. She works full time and then some. It is fun helping her learn a new skill, her grandmother sews and knows of quilting but never has done it herself.
I will let you know where we are on the T-Shirt from time to time.

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Jackie said...

You are certainly keeping busy Rosemary!! Maybe when that quilt is finished you can put my son David's T Shirt collection into a quilt too.
Loving your Dream Rocket Panel it is really coming together beautifully.