Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holy Joe's Cafe - Our Service Men and Women

Please go to the link and check this out.
One of the groups I belong to the "ThreadHeads" are doing crosses to be sent to men and women who go to Holy Joe's Cafe and to the wounded.
If you would like to help just email me and I will send you the information.
This is a wonderful and easy way of showing our men and women who serve us how we believe in them and care.

Take care,

Monday, August 11, 2008

ArtRageousQuilter or Just OutRageous: Pay It Forward

ArtRageousQuilter or Just OutRageous: Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

I have seen "Pay It Forward" on blogs before and just never did it.

It is where you get three people to volunteer to pay it forward, you will receive a gift from me within 365 days and once you sign up, you have 365 days to pay it forward, to three volunteers.

Be one of the three, Please leave a comment on this post, pass it onto a friend and I will get back to you for your information.

Along with your gift I hope you will add and extra gift to someone who is having a hard time, a very bad horrible day, we all know of someone out there who is.

So till then, take care


Handmade Pledge

This is a very simple way of helping support artists in your local area or in the U.S.A., and there are artists in other countries.

Very thing on these sites is handmade, take a few moments with your coffee or favorite drink in hand, just don't spill on your computer, and take a look at the wonderful crafts and other items you can find here. What a great way to do Christmas shopping this year. and on the right hand side a little ways down is a list of sites where you can go and find handmade items.

I took the pledge to buy handmade and make things myself to give as gifts.

You may say that some of the items are more money then you would like to spend, well, think of this. They are handmade not mass produced, most will be one of a kind. Why wouldn't anyone love to receive a gift like that.

The weather here in Northeast Ohio has been cooler and rainy the past few days, I think Fall maybe here sooner then we would like, which means snow is around the corner.

At least the cooler weather has put the Japanese Beetles at bay for a while, they have been so bad this year, it is the first year that I have had to use something called "Bag-a-Bug", I've never seen so many Japanese Beetles in my life, use to collect them in jars when I was little, that was just a few years ago, LOL.

Off to work on my Journal for the Fair and my piece for the "One Voice" exhibit, will post them when I am done working on them.

Keep Smiling and make something handmade,


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The weather here in Ohio today is just wonderful, breezy and cool, with sunshine.
Could not ask for a prettier day.
I have posted the picture of me with my fiber piece the "Holy Trinity" at the fiber show. And one of Gabriela with one of her pieces.

Have posted new a picture of our youngest son, Chris, still waiting on a picture from our fourth child Ryan. As soon as I get one I will post it.

Now off to new adventures in fiber, I am working on a Journal, I have a piece to finish before August 30 for the "One Voice" exhibit coming up, I will post that when done.

So many fibers and so little time,
Till next time,