Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pillow for TQ Christmas Party

Here is the pillow I worked on for our quilt guild's Christmas party.
It is all hand embroidered and then hot fix rhinestones are embellished on it where the red berries are.
I then made a pillow out of it, the pattern was for a pincushion.
It is still snowing here, yesterday we had blue skies and sun most of the day. We did not get all the snow they said we were, and most of today is blowing snow with drifts. The snow plows come by about every other hour and plow the streets, which is good if you want to venture out. Will head to Michigan on Friday to pick up our youngest daughter (Katharyn) and her daughter (Madison) for a few days for our Christmas together.
Our middle daughter (Amanda) and her son (Briston) will be moving back to North Carolina after Christmas, we will miss them living so close. We wish all of our other children could be here, but miles separate most of us, but hopefully not our hearts.
Until next time, may your needle and thread mend your soul

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