Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Sewing

Here is a little sewing machine I picked up a few weeks ago.  But it does work, I don't know how much sewing I would get done, you hand crank with one hand, while holding the fabric with the other.  Not, really!  Just add one more sewing machine to my collection.  I love looking for these types of items.

Brody's ABC's

I have finished Brody's ABC's for him.  Brody is our first great grandchild, he will be a year old in July.  Every word in the world is on my table.

Here is the box top for Brody's ABC's, I'm still working on the box, one step at a time.  They will be done hopefully before July.  I will put up some more pictures as the box comes together.  So check back soon.  I feel alive when I get to put needle and thread to fabric.  Anyone who sews or quilts know exactly what I am saying.
See you all again soon,  RoseMary

Monday, February 6, 2012

JAM- Announcements & Adventures

Been anywhere we haven't -   This is where Rich and I spent our honeymoon almost 16 years ago.  We have been back another time, so please check out the site, wish I could spend every summer there.  We stayed in the Cedar Room.  This is my favorite hide away place.  Hope you will enjoy the website.

My Tea Pot - JAM

This is my China Tea Set, that my husband got for my birthday last year (Feb 4).  It has Roses on it, and it serves 6.  My favorite china tea cup would be anything with a Rose on it.  It is winter here, so there is no drinking outside, but I do hope to have Tea this spring.  I wish the link to JAM was up longer, so I wouldn't miss the topic. 

This is how far behind I am.

This is how far behind I am, today is the 6th, I usually put the calendar page up in the first of the month.  Each month will be a type of Rooster or Hen.  I wish I had a place to have chickens, but I don't, so the next best thing, I have them in my kitchen.  What is your favorite farm animal?