Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wrap The Arts canvas

Well, I finished the canvas for the Wrap The Arts event for this Sat. I finished it on Oct 20th at 10:50 am. So, Jackie, from the Back Shed, you are the winner with the guess of Oct 20th at 4:30.

Jackie, please send me your snail mail addy.

I wish I had, had more time. There was more I wanted to do to this piece, but I had to count in drying time, so it would be done by the 24th.

And thanks to all who played.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wrap the Arts Project Piece - Giveaway

Here is the beginning of my piece for the Wrap the Arts project.
As you can see I have aways to go on it. So I'm having a give away for the person who can come the closes to the time I finish painting it.
I have till Oct 22st to get it done. I am having lunch with a friend on the 23rd and it will be hung on Oct 24Th.
It may not be a quilt, but it could be.
I will be giving away fabric, not only to the person who guess's close to the time I finish painting it, please put date and time, but also to the person who sends another person to my blog site.
Please make sure to leave a comment and tell the other person you send to put your name in the comment also.
The fabric will come in all different sizes.
I will post the winner on the afternoon of the 23rd.
So please check back for your name. So I can get your address.
So please get out your list of friends and blog list and tell them to check it out.
Thanks for looking and keep quilting or painting or what ever it is that you love to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wrap the Arts - Youngstown Ohio

A local group dedicated to advancing the arts in Youngstown, Ohio known as "Art Youngstown" has enlisted more then 40 local artist for a project called Wrap the Arts. Each artist or group will create a piece of artwork out of a 6 by 8 foot vinyl canvas.

The pieces will be in Youngstown, Ohio on Oct 24th.
Here is just one of the 40 that will be permanently arranged on that day. I just got my panel on Thursday and started painting on friday, so you will have to check back after the 24th to see my canvas.

Road to Ohio - Seasons

We Won Third Place on our panel quilt.
At the Brady's Run, in New Brighton, PA hosted by Beaver Valley Piecemakers

Left to Right
Winter-Allissa Stout
Spring-Debbi DiRenzo
Summer-Gabriela Gaudet
Fall-RoseMary Baty-Willcox

I didn't get the time to take the picture at the quilt show, I just went and picked it up. So I took a picture when I got home.

It has been folded in every which way, so you maybe able to see the folds.

It was fun doing the quilt, but I am glad it's over and all the quilt shows are done for this quilt.

Now it will be on it's way to the "A Way With Words Foundation", for children with cancer. They will use it as a fundraiser for their projects for the children.

Thank You to the other girls who helped make the quilt possible.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Trinity

Here is my Holy Trinity piece that won First Place. It is hanging at another show in this picture.

I was not looking for it to place at the show. I didn't get a picture with the blue ribbon, but I assure you there is a first place ribbon. I really did enjoy working on this piece and working with the copper. Learning to sew on the copper is very interesting. I think metal is one of my new loves.

Check back soon, for another artistic endeavor that I am working on for "Wrap the Arts" in Youngstown, Ohio here is the link.
It is a 6 foot x 8 foot piece, which I have never worked on a piece this large and it's not a fabric quilt, it is on vinyl and painted.
Happy Stitching or painting,