Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wrap the Arts Project Piece - Giveaway

Here is the beginning of my piece for the Wrap the Arts project.
As you can see I have aways to go on it. So I'm having a give away for the person who can come the closes to the time I finish painting it.
I have till Oct 22st to get it done. I am having lunch with a friend on the 23rd and it will be hung on Oct 24Th.
It may not be a quilt, but it could be.
I will be giving away fabric, not only to the person who guess's close to the time I finish painting it, please put date and time, but also to the person who sends another person to my blog site.
Please make sure to leave a comment and tell the other person you send to put your name in the comment also.
The fabric will come in all different sizes.
I will post the winner on the afternoon of the 23rd.
So please check back for your name. So I can get your address.
So please get out your list of friends and blog list and tell them to check it out.
Thanks for looking and keep quilting or painting or what ever it is that you love to do.


Threadhead said...
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Threadhead said...

Oct 21st by 5 PM.

The Back Shed said...

Oct 20th 4.30
What an interesting way to do a Give away Rosemary. x

MadisonsMommy said...

Oct. 18 around 4:23pm

Good luck and it looks awesome can't wait to see the finish product!