Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brody's ABC's

I have finished Brody's ABC's for him.  Brody is our first great grandchild, he will be a year old in July.  Every word in the world is on my table.

Here is the box top for Brody's ABC's, I'm still working on the box, one step at a time.  They will be done hopefully before July.  I will put up some more pictures as the box comes together.  So check back soon.  I feel alive when I get to put needle and thread to fabric.  Anyone who sews or quilts know exactly what I am saying.
See you all again soon,  RoseMary


Jackie Proctor said...

They look wonderful Rosemary, Brody is very lucky, I totally agree about feeling alive when the fabric comes out and the sewing begins. It is like stepping into another world.

-ia- said...

Oh, I love your work. It's very cute.
Your Brody must be very happy with it.
I hope I can sew like you.

Regards from Switzerland :D

Caterina Politi said...

very cute!

Caterina Politi said...

very cute!