Saturday, March 14, 2009

Miss Lilybelle and paper piecing

I have not finished my piece yet, I cut the sides to a 1/2 inch, instead of the 1/4, when I get ready to put it all together, I will trim to 1/4. Will post some more pictures when the blocks are done, so please don't hold your breath, it takes me awhile to finish things. These colors did not show up very well, but they will make a cute babydoll quilt.

Karen Miles with Miss Lilybelle at the class for Paper Piecing, which Karen taught and did a wonderful job. She showed some great tips ladies, with paper clips and a stiff card for folding on lines. Karen is a member of the T.Q.G.I.B.T., That Quilt Group I Belong To Guild, in Canfield, Ohio. She also quilts for other people, and quilts some unique and beautiful quilts. If you have never tried paper piecing, maybe it is something you have thought about, I would recommend taking a class somewhere. It is something to try at least once in your life time.

Thank You Karen for sharing your talents of Paper Piecing with us. Hope everyone took something away with them in this class.

Well, ladies California is getting closer. I leave on Wed morning, it is going to be warm, my sister said it should be in the 70's, can't wait. Check back soon!

Happy Stitching, RoseMary

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Pam said...

Hi RoseMary. Very much like your Fall Panel for the quilt, and agree that the darker tree does look more effective.
Lilybelle looks really sweet. :)