Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year 2009


You can't see his face, but this is my grandson "Briston" and he is celebrating the new year.

We started the year off by putting Christmas ornaments and tree away and cleaning most of the house.
I have already started on making my new year a better one, then the last year. One thing that drives me crazy and stressed are my surroundings. I cannot put into words just how much I dislike wallpaper. I have never seen wallpaper that I can say I like.
When we moved into this home in 2006, one of the things it had and still has in some rooms, is wallpaper.

I took the paper out of the upstairs bathroom first, that was in Aug 2006, painted it, sea foam green.

I did paint the hallway the last time he was gone for business.

Nov 2008, I took the paper out of the kitchen and painted it cozy cottage white on top and a darker beige on bottom of the chair rail. With accent color of red and my collection of cookie molds. I love to take old things, yard sales finds, flea market items and use them in other places.
There is an old wood table now in the nook, that has been painted red with black highlights.

The dinning room is next. I am making my surroundings more pleasing, less stressful.
Even tho, my hubby said don't start anything that we can't finish in a weekend, I will start it when he's away for business. That's what I did last time, and it's done.

So, here's to you and a less stressful year.
I only have three quilt projects going on right now.
A large 4 panel quilt, that 3 other ladies are doing also, we are doing the four seasons and I have fall.
A wall hanging collage for my DIL.
A quilted tin for a swap with my F.A.T. group.
I still need to work on my sewing room, that area is stressful.

Take the bull by the horns and have a great year.