Friday, January 2, 2009

Field Trip

I am not a person who always plans a trip or things out first, I just do them.
I emailed Sue Spargo last night to see if she was going to be open today.
She emailed me back to say yes, she was.
So off to her shop, which is in her home. I had never been there before, what a great place to be
able to go on a short notice. It took about 45 minutes to get to her home. It was a wonderful day for a drive.
Picked up some wool and beads, and some really cool metal buttons.
Here is her blog, if you have never seen her work.

She has an online shop site also.

Take care till next time.


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cindyr said...

come see my blog "art" starring
C.B. the cancer bug I am desperately trying to stomp out of my life and out of anyone else's life that is affected by cancer.
Happy New Year. Let's go get those buggers!!!