Monday, August 20, 2007

The Beginning

Good Morning!

It is wet and chilly here in Canfield, Ohio.

I am looking forward to the snow again, when it will clean everything and start over.

Last night on a quilters chat room, I was asked to start a blog in regrades to a wall hanging I am working on. I have never done something like this, so I said why not. I will say, I'm sorry ahead of time for not being a English major. But that's alright, I quilt instead.

I will try and post a blog everyday that I work on the quilt. It maybe days apart since I babysit

my 8 month old grandson, Briston.

The wall hanging is a Dreamcatcher, and the pattern comes from a Stained Glass piece that I

fell in love with many months ago.

Will post pictures as soon I learn how to on the blog.

Next blog I will talk about the fabric and extras that I will be using to make the Dreamcatcher.

Until then, I will try and stay dry.

Happy Stitching,



Threadhead said...

Hi RoseMary,
can't wait to see your quilt develop!

May you have bundles of time to get it done!



Gale said...

Hi Rosemary,You are so talented to be able to create such a wonderful quilt.I will wait on "pins and needles" for your progress and pictures....Love Gale

Peggy said...

RoseMary, can't wait to see your quilt. Did you make up the pattern? I'll send this along to Debbie and Maxine.
Love Peg