Friday, February 15, 2013

Wonders All Around Us!

We never know when we will find something or something will find us.
Yesterday, I kept hearing a bird that I thought was on the back porch, so I never went to go and look to see where or what bird it may have been.
This is what I found as I was going out the front door to go to the shop.
This hangs on the left going out our front door, this spring I will need to redo with new dry flowers.
Here is the little bird, I found as I was leaving.  It made sure I knew it was there, I did not check for eggs, what to make sure it stays and takes care of them if there are any.
Each year I get a Mourning Dove or some little bird that likes to make nest somewhere on my front porch, in whatever planter or basket may be there.  There is always a gift for me.

I am still working on Becca's T-shirt and should be putting the rows together today.  A friend brought me her sewing machine yesterday to work on, to see if I can fix it.  So she can get back to sewing.  All, this while working at the shop, here is a Link to our shop blog.


Happy Threads and Needles,


Gabriela said...

how cool is that!I will have to check on the type of bird it is!!!

Gabriela said...

Hi, it appears to be a winter wren.....(maybe)

Vivian Helena said...

Hi, Rosemarie,, I love the decoration on your door. I need to put something new on mine also.. but really need to paint the door first.
I grew the little gourds.. you can find seeds for jewelry gourds on some of the gourd sites. I think those came from the East Coast, eons ago,, and then I just replant when I cut open a gourd... although best to get them from a grower, never know what your own seeds will come out like. enjoy. thank you.

vuhelp said...

So nice blogger

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Rosemary how wonderful is that, you made the perfect nest!