Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grow Your Blog - Winner is......

First, Thank You to all who came and visited my blog through Grow Your Blog.  And a extra Thank You to the ones who are now following my blog, love new friends from blog land.
Well, here is the winner of the Ladybug pincushion - Evalina Zamana from Canada
As soon as it gets done, Evalina it will be on its way.  Thank You for your understanding.

I find this blog not too long ago,

Some of you may already know about and visit, I find it intriguing. 
Just to do this type of work without thinking about it of having a pattern.
I'm still working on my t-shirt quilt, hope the rows will go together here soon and then get it quilted.

A Day Without Needle In Hand is like not breathing,

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Gabriela said...

Congratulations to Evalina!She's one of my followers!