Tuesday, January 1, 2013

T-Shirt Quilt for Niece "Becca"

One of my niece's "Becca" called and ask if I would make a T-shirt quilt for her boyfriend, like the one I made for her dad.  I said yes, just send me the shirts, not due till April for his birthday, thank the good Lord, LOL.  So, this is what I have been doing today, so I am going to show you the steps I take in making a T-Shirt Quilt.  This first part I forgot to take pictures, so I will just type it out. 
I take the t-shirts and cut up the sides to under the sleeves and then lay flat and then cut the top of the sleeves to the neck and will have two parts, front and back.  Then, I add interfacing to the back so it won't stretch, when working with it and looks better when done quilting it.

You can use white or black, which ever is cheaper at the store.  Apply this to the back of all the parts you want to use, fronts and or backs of the t-shirts.  Count how many you have and then draw up your plans for the layout.

I only had 18 pieces, so I have to figure out how to make two more, I have two extra pieces of solid black t-shirt backs that had no pictures or words on them.  So those two pieces, I will add a picture of my niece and Gavin and her boyfriend and on the other one with be their names.  Here, is the next step, I start hanging them and take pictures to see if it looks good and move pieces as I go.

 I hate it when the publish button gets hit and your not done with the page your working on.  Will finish up tomorrow.

I am the happiest when I put needle and thread to fabric,


Angela Moore said...

I have a quilt to finish by April also. Luckily it is a baby quilt!!
Thank you for the lovely new year greeting. Blessing to you .

Betty Minnes said...

Love this idea for a quilt!

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I will put it to good use soon!

Web Design said...
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Angela Cruz-Garcia said...

I did a small quilt from baby clothes once and had such a hard time with the fabric stretching as I sewed it together. I didn't know that I should have used interfacing. Thank you for this post so that next time I can do a better job.