Monday, December 17, 2012

...and the WINNER'S are...

Thank You to all who visited my blog, I hope to blog more often.

Thank You for all of your comments, hope you all will come back to see what I
will be up to, never know what that will be. :)

Like I said, my husband drew the names of the winner's and here they are...
Sandi T - Sonora, CA
Angela Moore - Memphis, Tennessee
Margaret - Hardy, Arkansas
in that order.

Sandi T and Angela Moore, I have sent you a email to let you know you have won.
Please send me your snail mail addy, so I will be able to send you, your Tussie Mussie.
Margaret, I could not find a email for you, I will put a post on one of your blogs and will
hope you email me with you snail mail addy.

Thank You all for joining in Michelle's Blog Hop Party, if you have not gotten to visit all
of the blogs they will be up and you can still visit them, I know I'm going to visit the rest,
one by one. 

Happy Quilting and Sewing,


Thearica said...

Congratulations to all 3 winners!

Angela Moore said...

Thank you Rose Mary. I've often thought about making a tussie mussie and am grateful for the one you offered. And happy your husband pulled my name.
Always enjoy visiting the blog hoppers if only to see what everyone is doing and sharing.

Angela Moore said...

Thanks you Rose Mary. I am happy to be the winner of your tussie mussie. What a interesting giveaway thank you.