Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is my studio DOG.

This is my studio dog, D.O.G., that's his name.  He is about 76 lbs.  And loves to be in the studio with me when I am there.  D.O.G. loves the snow, and being outdoors, does not chase cats he grew up with cats.  But, does not like people with hats on, and likes women more then men.  Yes, he is spoiled, he has his treats in the evening.  And thinks he is a lap dog.  I am sharing him because I see alot of studio pets and love to see all of them.
I am still working on my ABC's for Brody, our great grandson.  They will be pictured here soon. 
Keep Stitching,


Jackie said...

He is gorgeous! Rev my older dog will sleep in my sewing room all day if I'm in there but the little dog id far too restless to stay. It is nice to have him there for company. Needless to say they are both very spoilt, probably just as much as your lovely fellow.

Sujana said...

Cute dog! I laughed at the "doesn't like people with hats" haha :)