Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life in the Winter time!

Here the other bud has bloomed, I was asked a few days ago, how I got a clematis to bloom in the winter?  And inside at that.  It was not planned, please read the earlier post on how I got the clematis.  I just have to get it to stay alive till spring, so I can plant it outside and hope it will live a long time.  A few houses down from my is a beautiful purple clematis that blooms every year and it lives on a lamp post.  I have tried in NC and here to get them to bloom and no luck.  Maybe with this one, that should have die at the nursery, it will live to just show them, that it can live.  It has snowed most of the day here, it is time to start looking at gardening and seed magazines, to see what spring will bring.
Till next time, dream of fabric, color, seeds and what challenge they will bring up,
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Kelly Lewis said...

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Would love your company!


I have a clematis that has bloomed and I don't do anything special to it at all. Some years it is more full than others. Looks like this one will be a survivor when you come to planting it in the spring.
Also great photo of you and Rich at Christmas!

chelsea said...

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Marshall Lynch said...

this flower is really cute.keep on blogging.
god bless.

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