Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dream Rocket, cont

Just wanted to show the size of the Saturn V rocket that will be covered by quilt panels next year.
This is a side by side look, Just how tall is the Saturn V Rocket? Not a small thing, UH?
I'm still working on the new start of my panel, My will still have an earth on it, just different then the last picture.
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Anonymous said...

I'm visiting OH and was looking at bloggers from here to see if I could find a few quilt shop recommendations and found your site. I'm from the Huntsville area and have not heard about the Dream Rocket cool! When I get home (in 2 weeks!) I'm going to ask some of my other quilting friends if they have heard of it! Thanks for the info!

RoseMary said...

Thank You for stopping by.
There are a few quilt shops (6) in this area. Where are you headed to? My email is
Hope you stop back by will be posting again soon on my panel for the Dream Rocket.