Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on 4 Piece Panel Quilt

Here is one part of the four season panel quilt that 3 other quilters and myself are working on, I have Fall.
I enlarged the quilt pattern and then divided the pattern into 4 even panels, and redrew each one. We each got a season to quilt as we saw that season in Ohio, the pattern is called Road to Ohio, and we have permission from Two Cousins.

The sky is hand dyed fabric, the others are from fabric lines.

The pond water is hand painted, I really did not like the tree in this picture, I tried other fabric and finally came up the one in the next picture.

I didn't like the second panel of fabric up from the pond, the dark gold one with the brown lines on it, it just did not look or feel right to me.

Then I put this darker tree in place of the other one and it felt much better.

Both the tree and that dark gold panel seems to work better then before.

Now, I am thinking of redoing the bottom panel of fabric, I am thinking of going darker also. But not as dark as the tree.

I still have some the panels to sew down, the tree is not folded in yet so the limbs look large.

I am still working on what I am going to use for embellishments for this panel. I will keep you posted, I won't be able to show the done quilt until hopefully sometime in April, we are shooting for the deadline for the NQA show in Columbus, Ohio.

I hope to add more of my quilting adventures, I have started some new ideas, I am still working on my dreamcatcher, for the ones of my readers who may be wondering about that one.
Don't forget to check up on Miss Lilybelle, I think she will be posting tomorrow.

Till next time
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