Thursday, June 26, 2008

Symbols Game

Good Morning from Ohio
where it is a little humid and overcast.

Triquetra - Holy Trinity
This piece will have symbols within symbols.
Some will be Celtic, but it is hard to find symbols for certain words,
some words do not have symbol linked to them.

I think I will host a game with this fiber piece!
How many symbols can you find?
You will need to send me and email with your name, and what symbols you are
guessing. Please send to
I will print out email and save to keep track.
I will put together a gift basket for the winner.
So please link this blog to your emails or your blog.
I will post a picture when a new step is done, I will keep a list of symbols as I go
that way I won't forget what they are.
They will be reveled at the end when the piece is done.
There is a clue in this blog.

Thanks for viewing and playing

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